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Internal Fraud Database

The Internal Fraud Database helps you detect, deter and prevent dishonest individuals and organised criminals with the intent to attack your organisation.

Strong walls are no barrier if you have a key to the door. Many organisations invest time and money protecting their business from external threats but fail to tackle internal vulnerabilities.

Yet the insider threat is a real and escalating one: cases of internal fraud against organisations increased seven-fold in 2016.

Working alone or as part of an organised crime gang, a single dishonest individual can steal the data of hundreds of customers in seconds; embezzle thousands of pounds in hours; and destroy a company's reputation, and the jobs it provides for its staff, in days.

Organisations using the Internal Fraud Database share data and information on confirmed cases of fraud to:


  • Job applicants, employees, agency workers and contractors who have previously committed fraud against an organisation;


  • Fraudsters and criminals attempting to infiltrate your organisation;
  • Existing employees who may be tempted or coerced into criminal activity by setting a strong anti-fraud culture within your organisation;


  • Dishonest individuals from gaining a ‘foot in the door' of your organisation;
  • Proven fraudsters from moving unchallenged to other organisations;
  • Harm from coming to your employees, customers and business as a result of fraud and financial crime.

The Financial Conduct Authority and Local Government Counter Fraud Strategy have cited the database as an example of best practice for vetting staff while also safeguarding people's privacy.

Joining the Internal Fraud Database will help you create a strong anti-fraud culture in your workplace and protect your business, staff and customers from fraud threats. By recording and sharing your fraud data with some of the UK's largest organisations across the public and the private sectors, you'll also help make the UK a safer place to do business.

If you're thinking of signing up to the Internal Fraud Database, take a look at our Why Join Cifas? page. Our Engagement team are also available to discuss with you how the Internal Fraud Database can strengthen and protect your organisation.

Make an enquiry today.

Cifas-Ready Membership

Cifas-Ready is a membership option only available for members of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). NAPBS members can apply for membership and go through the initial set-up that prepares them for full membership. This means that if they take on a Cifas member organisation as a client, they are ‘ready to go’ and we can activate their full membership much more quickly.

To find out more about Cifas-ready NAPBS members or apply for Cifas-ready membership; Please contact our Engagement team via our Engagement team.


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