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Channel Partnership Manager

Reference: 2019/CPM
Closing Date: 07/07/2019



Role Purpose

To identify and engage with new potential channel partners and Direct Agencies who can deliver Cifas data and/or additional services to new and potential members or who may enable other revenue generating opportunities to be realised.


Key Accountabilities


  • Devise a strategy and highlight targets for new channel partners and achieve the agreed objectives both commercially and financially which will be set by the Commercial Director
  • Create a wide network of contacts across a breadth of sectors and develop excellent and deep relationships that ensure - identified commercial opportunities are maximised Spot opportunities that might result in additional revenue streams and structure project teams to pursue and implement the appropriate solutions. Where applicable prepare reports and projections to take to the portfolio board to agree to proceed with the implementation.
  • Create new relationships and extend the network of influence of Cifas, following through on implementation of new revenue ideas and pursuing new collaborative partners that may drive additional revenue or add value to membership growth.
  • Set channel partners objectives that align to the agreed approach and they generate maximum value for Cifas; and deal with underperformance to rebalance the relationship
  • Introduce the concept, draw together the relevant Cifas teams, and undertake feasibility assessments and present projects to the portfolio board for consideration as new projects.
  • Where appropriate Engage in negotiation,  and arrange for commercial contracts to be drawn up, discussed and signed off with potential partners and work with appointed project managers to implement and deliver the benefits of new partnerships.
  • Where new Direct Agencies are contracted with, act as the SRO and manage the Partnerships officer who will project manage implementation.
  • Negotiate with new and existing Direct Agencies regarding the fees they pay to Cifas looking at ways to ensure the relationship benefits Cifas, members and the DA.. Also  negotiate and agree contractual agreements working closely with our chosen legal advisors
  • Ensure all commercial  opportunities  maximise their intended financial objectives.
  • Working closely with Technology and Data Integrity to ensure the relationships remain valuable and commercial opportunities or issues are managed.
  • Line manage the ChannelPartnerships officer and Oversee the connectivity and onboaring project plan.




Persuasion and Influencing – Level 4

Defined as: Persuasion is the ability to influence and convince others onto your way of thinking.  It involves working towards a ‘win win’ situation and includes direct persuasion / upward influencing / negotiating and ‘selling’ whether with internal clients or external Members. It links to interpersonal skills and relationship building, as well as to information handling and analytical thinking. The performance level sought is: L4, Is highly persuasive. (Indicators: Persuades so effectively that people think it was their idea in first place; Manages expectations as well as selling ideas; Sounds people out in advance before tailoring approach; Uses upward influence and third party lobbying).


Organisational Awareness / External Focus - Level 4

Defined as: This relates to an understanding of the Business needs, recognising who are the key players in own and in Member/supplier organisations.  It also includes awareness of the position of Cifas within the UK, Europe and Internationally and the use of contacts within and beyond the organisation for business benefits. The performance level sought is:  Has wider perspective and knowledge, Understands how other organisations tick / make a profit, Keeps abreast of everything going on in organisation, Aware of how different organisations interact and of the difficulties they may face

Has external focus and may be used as point of reference by others


Innovation / Risk Taking / Entrepreneurship - Level 4

Defined as: Innovation is the ability to think of and suggest new and better ways of doing things and being creative.  It requires a willingness to experiment and to display entrepreneurship by taking calculated risks. The risk-taking element relates to organisational awareness. The performance level sought is Generates new ideas leading to business benefits, Thinks ‘outside of box’, Generates new ideas, balancing business risk, Prepared to experiment in a controlled way


Communication – Level 3

Defined as: Communication is the ability and willingness to give and receive information effectively. This information may be verbal or written or take the form of a formal presentation. The performance level sought is: ‘Tailors communication approach’ (Indicators: Modifies style and content of communication to suit all situations and people, understands information needs of others and communications accordingly, ensures regular information updates and provides opportunity for them, makes appropriate use of humour).


Planning and Organising – Level 3

Defined as: Personal organisation is the ability to think through and adapt a clear, sensible approach to planning, prioritising and organising work, to make the most efficient use of time and other resources. The performance level sought is: ‘Well-organised’ (Indicators: Knows where everything is, always sets agenda for meetings, keeps records up to date, informs staff of movements & whereabouts).


Adaptability – Level 3

Defined as: Adaptability is the ability to respond positively to change and being flexible enough to work effectively with a variety of tasks, situations or individuals. It links with initiative and seeing the need for change, as well as to innovation. The performance level sought is: ‘Adapts behaviour and activities, flexibly adapts own work patterns to meet changing needs / priorities, can swap roles and stand in for others, recognises the need to break the loop when systems are not efficient, instigates change & manages the process.


Attention to detail – level 3

Defines as: Attention to detail is continually checking information and progress to maintain a high degree of accuracy and having a low tolerance for errors.  It involves following tasks through to the end.. The performance level sought is: High attention to detail and concern for quality, Produces / manages high quality output, Ensures errors are not repeated, Ensures attention is paid to the basics & correct procedures, keeping meticulous records.


The following qualifications, skills, experience, knowledge and other attributes are required to be considered for the role:



  • Understanding and network of organisations in the fraud prevention and identity verification sector
  • Previous experience of building and managing channel partnerships that drive revenue growth
  • Commercial acumen and the ability to successfully negotiate contracts
  • Entrepreneurial outlook, ability to think outside of the box
  • Excellent relationship builder
  • Proven ability to meet tight deadlines and manage conflicting priorities
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Energy and enthusiasm


  • An understanding of the interconnection of organisations and data flows through API
  • An understanding of Cifas and how fraud is prevented as well as a broader knowledge of the fraud issues facing the UK


Start date: asap

Salary: In the region of £52,000

To apply for this vacancy, you will need the following:
  • Your CV

Applications using this system require an eMail address. If you do not have one, please post the application to us.

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