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Data Integrity Operations Manager

Reference: 2019/DIOM
Closing Date: 31/07/2019



Role Purpose

To protect the integrity of the data held by Cifas through leading the Data Integrity operational team. Provide assurance to the Cifas Leadership that members are operating within the terms of their agreement and any issues are handled appropriately for the member, Cifas and other stakeholders.


Key Accountabilities

  • Lead an operational team that delivers data integrity assurance reviews, processes complaints generated by member actions and consumer generated requests (e.g. Data Subject Access Requests), maintaining a high performing, effective and resilient team who have good morale and development opportunities.
  • Deliver a robust assurance process including a risk based approach to determining where focused assurance is required that is transparent, proportionate, consistent and timely.
  • Develop appropriate tools and methods to provide assurance across all data contained within the database(s).
  • Ensure consistency of outputs across the team whether a case is being assessed following a complaint or as part of an assurance review.
  • Drive operational efficiencies by deriving, updating and managing to daily targets to ensure all officers are clear on what is asked of them each day, balancing the workload to meet the needs of all stakeholders.
  • Develop a culture of shared learning and collaboration regularly coaching and developing the officers to:
    • Set the tone for all communications with stakeholders including dealing with difficult messages,
    • Provide timely feedback to all officers on any areas of improvement,
    • Holding regular clinics to ensure consistency across the team,
    • Engender a culture of collaborating appropriately across the office.
  • Take responsibility for all issues arising from the day to day operation, ensuring recommendations and resolution are developed.
  • Demonstrate behaviours consistent with our values of collaboration, integrity, expertise and innovation.
  • Work with Cifas’ solicitors on escalated complaint cases ensuring any changes in practice required are brought back into the operation.
  • Work to specific (and legislative) Service Levels to provide an appropriate level of service to relevant stakeholders as agreed with the Director of Data Integrity.
  • Report any data breaches to the appropriate member of the leadership team, explaining the situation, how it arose and the mitigants.
  • Expected to contribute to projects and product development through subject matter expertise and/or producing agreed outputs.
  • Undertake other duties as required.

The following competencies are required to undertake the role successfully:

Communication – Level 3

Communication is the ability and willingness to give and receive information effectively.  This information may be verbal or written or take the form of a formal presentation. The performance level sought is: L3, tailors communication approach, modifies style and content of communication to suit all situations and people, understands information needs of others and communications accordingly (upward and within team), ensures regular information updates & provides opportunity for them and makes appropriate use of humour.


Relationship Building – Level 3

Relationship building is the ability to successfully establish useful relationships across the range of internal and external teams and Members.  It relies on interpersonal sensitivity and the ability to understand and consider the needs and feelings of others.  It therefore includes empathy and good listening skills, as well as qualities such as honesty and integrity. The performance level sought is: L3, perceptive and appreciates needs of others, has an accurate understanding of how others will react in certain situations, openly recognises the concerns and issues of others, an detect and understand reasons for defensiveness & appreciates impact of decisions on others, realises that having a good relationship with someone makes them more likely to do you a favour, but does not abuse this and reciprocates, adapts responses in line with feelings of others.


Developing Others – Level 3

Developing others is the ability to encourage others to learn and to guide them in the identification of development needs.  It also involves giving feedback, conducting appraisals and giving support.  This includes delegation and empowerment and requires ‘letting go’. The performance level sought is L3, helps others to learn and develop, delegates certain activities as part of individuals development, encourages feedback from team on improving processes, acts as sounding board / mentor, occasionally playing Devil’s Advocate, gives on-going feedback so appraisals never a shock, always has time for people, never rushing them, encourages under-performers to identify training needs.


Innovation – Level 3

Innovation is the ability to think of and suggest new and better ways of doing things and being creative. It requires a willingness to experiment and to display entrepreneurship by taking calculated risks. The performance level sought is L3, creatively challenges established practices, suggests & sponsors new ways of doing things, Follows ideas through to implementation, thinks ‘there has to be a better way of doing things’.


Attention to Detail – Level 4

Defined as: Continually checking information and progress to maintain a high degree of accuracy and having a low tolerance for errors. It involves following tasks through to the end. The performance level sought is: ‘Gets it right first time’ (Indicators: Always needs to know that a job’s been done properly, Goes through figures / reports and knows instinctively where to check and what it should look like, Sets an example to others so that quality of their work improves)


The following qualifications, skills, experience, knowledge and other attributes are required to be considered for the role:



  • Proven experience of successfully managing, motivating and coaching a team of operational staff
  • Demonstrable experience of setting and managing to targets
  • Proven ability to meet tight deadlines and manage conflicting priorities
  • Excellent negotiating, project management and analytical skills
  • Extensive knowledge of MS Office, particularly Excel
  • Ability to use own initiative and working independently to drive deliverables through to conclusion
  • High attention to detail
  • Experience of process improvement and re-engineering


  • Knowledge of the law as it relates to fraud and data protection
  • Knowledge of fraud prevention, fraud systems and fraud prevention technology
  • Thorough understanding and/or experience of using the Cifas system
  • Previous experience of managing a transformation project

Start date: asap

Salary: in the region of £44,000 pa

To apply for this vacancy, you will need the following:
  • Your CV

Applications using this system require an eMail address. If you do not have one, please post the application to us.

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