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Member Integration Executive

Reference: 2019/MIE
Closing Date: 01/07/2019



Role purpose


To maximise the value members will get from Cifas products and services by establishing and supporting the implementation of the most appropriate method of accessing Cifas products and services into their operating model, especially integration either directly or through an agency. Work with the member at proof of concept to interpret data matches and to go on to recommend and map out the most effective fraud prevention process available to come into membership.


Key Accountabilities


Help to turn prospective members into ones that make a commitment to come into membership by working closely with the Fraud Consultants in the Business Development Team, providing advice to them and our prospective members on:

  • How Cifas can be best utilised to prevent fraud.
  • How best Cifas can be integrated and accessed and where applicable, scope potential changes new members may need to make to their own processes in order to gain better value from Cifas membership.

Maintain an up to date knowledge of the various other agencies who provide fraud prevention services and how Cifas can be used to best effect through them. As well as a broader knowledge of fraud operations and best practice

Where applicable advise on the best and compliant use of Cifas data in decision systems or automated customer on boarding processes utilising AI and Machine learning.

Establish a project plan for direct integration where API connectivity is required and manage that process until handed over to a member relationship manager.

Manage the prospective member on boarding process from commitment to join Cifas through to having the accessibility of Cifas services ready to go live by:

  • Assessing new member’s fraud prevention activities and establishing the best integration of Cifas’ products and services.
  • Consulting on Proof of concept data matching projects which may need further interpretation to communicate the key areas where Cifas data will prove to be of benefit.
  • Working with potential members and other Cifas colleagues to ensure initial requirements for membership are in place including integration through agencies or supporting the potential member to scope out and start the project management of a API direct connection.
  • Where applicable, advise members on how Cifas can be integrated into scoring models and AI and Machine Learning platforms remaining complaint yet gaining the fullest value form filtering the data.
  • Working with the Data Integrity team to ensure appropriate FPNs are in place and approved as required as well as data issues off shore which may require the member to act accordingly.
  • Visiting new members or supporting them by phone/video-conference as required
  • Providing support, guidance, reassurance and expertise about how Cifas will support their fraud prevention processes and assisting the prospective member to gain the maximum value from Cifas membership
  • Ensuring that all documentation required prior to accessing Cifas products and services they have signed up to is in order, and liaising with other parts of Cifas as appropriate to resolve any issues that may arise during this process
  • Being a point of contact for queries and issues that the prospective member may have during this part of the on boarding process
  • Initiating the technical set up of secure access to Cifas via FIND and ensuring administrative activities are completed to provide secure access to new members.
  • Dealing with early issues that arise as part of the on boarding process and providing appropriate solutions to keep the prospective member engaged
  • Working with the Member Experience team to ensure there is a smooth handover once the member is ready to be trained and move into full live membership
  • Maintaining meeting records and relevant information in the CRM as well as undertaking office based administration on file for each potential Member.

Organising occasional group meetings for potential Members if/when this is seen as helpful.

Assisting with administrative functions, compiling reports as appropriate and providing additional support with new member engagement, deputising for others if necessary.

Staffing exhibition stands or attending conferences to promote Cifas membership if required.

Undertaking other duties as required.


The following competencies are required to undertake the role successfully:


Persuasion and Influencing – Level 3

Defined as: Persuasion is the ability to influence and convince others onto your way of thinking.  It involves working towards a ‘win win’ situation and includes direct persuasion / upward influencing / negotiating and ‘selling’ whether with internal clients or external Members. It links to interpersonal skills and relationship building, as well as to information handling and analytical thinking. The performance level sought is ‘Tailors approach / tactics, Prepares well in advance to build strong case and leads into win-win situation for all parties, Negotiates to understand and deliver what client really needs, arranges forums / roadshows to ‘sell’ new ideas, anticipates objections and deals with them even in face of intimidation, achieves ‘buy in’ by selling benefits’.


Team working/co-operation – Level  3

Defined as: Team working is working co-operatively with others, within and across teams for the delivery of a common goal, even though the teams may not formally be a part of your role.  This is different to team-leadership which is dealt with in another section. The performance level sought is:’  Is prepared to be called in for ‘hands on’ work when team resources scarce, Identifies personally with the team and speaks positively about it, Supports / coaches other team members, Keen to know / publicise that everyone has tried their best


Communication – Level 3

Defined as: Communication is the ability and willingness to give and receive information effectively. This information may be verbal or written or take the form of a formal presentation. The performance level sought is: ‘Tailors communication approach’ (Indicators: Modifies style and content of communication to suit all situations and people, understands information needs of others and communications accordingly, ensures regular information updates and provides opportunity for them, makes appropriate use of humour).


Taking Responsibility & Ownership – Level 2

Defined as: Taking responsibility involves accepting ultimate accountability for getting the job done. This requires a sense of ownership and a drive/determination to do what you say you will do, even if it includes making a sacrifice. The performance level sought is: ‘Accepts Responsibility’. (Indicators: Focuses on the detail of projects and signs them off when complete, tackles unforeseen problems constructively, is punctual and hardworking, is reliable, trustworthy and dedicated).


Planning and Organising – Level 3

Defined as: Personal organisation is the ability to think through and adapt a clear, sensible approach to planning, prioritising and organising work, to make the most efficient use of time and other resources. The performance level sought is: ‘Well-organised’ (Indicators: Knows where everything is, always sets agenda for meetings, keeps records up to date, informs staff of movements & whereabouts).


Adaptability – Level 3

Defined as: Adaptability is the ability to respond positively to change and being flexible enough to work effectively with a variety of tasks, situations or individuals. It links with initiative and seeing the need for change, as well as to innovation. The performance level sought is: ‘Adapts behaviour and activities, flexibly adapts own work patterns to meet changing needs / priorities, can swap roles and stand in for others, recognises the need to break the loop when systems are not efficient, instigates change & manages the process.


Technical Knowledge & Skills – level 3

Defined as: This is the technical skills, qualifications or experience required to perform effectively in your current or future job role. The performance level sought is: Technical proficient in area, Has sufficient technical knowledge, skills and experience to be able to handle technical and non-technical requests and to act as ‘translator’ with business, Keeps up to date in own field/specialism and able to act as sounding board to staff who are close to detail


Relationship building / interpersonal sensitivity – Level 3

Defined as: Relationship building is the ability to successfully establish useful relationships across the range of internal and external teams and Members.  It relies on interpersonal sensitivity and the ability to understand and take into account the needs and feelings of others.  It therefore includes empathy and good listening skills, as well as qualities such as honesty and integrity. The performance level sought is: ‘Perceptive and appreciates needs of others’ (Indicators: Has an accurate understanding of how others will react in certain situations; Openly recognises the concerns and issues of others; Can detect and understand reasons for defensiveness & appreciates impact of decisions on others; Realises that having a good relationship with someone makes them more likely to do you a favour, but does not abuse this and reciprocates; Adapts responses in line with feelings of others)


The following qualifications, skills, experience, knowledge and other attributes are required to be considered for the role:


Essential criteria

  • Good understanding of how organisations investigate and prevent fraud as part of their customer management and how this can be improved
  • Excellent organising and planning skills
  • Proven ability to meet tight deadlines and manage conflicting priorities
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to use own initiative and working independently as well as working as part of the team
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Good problem solving skills
  • Energy and enthusiasm
  • Proficient in MS Office (Word, Powerpoint, Excel)
  • High attention to detail

Desirable criteria

  • Exposure and understanding of project management
  • Integrating systems via API
  • Knowledge of operating decision systems or building score cards for fraud prevention (AI, ML)
  • Working with Credit Reference agencies or data providers who are used for KYC processes or fraud prevention
  • An understanding of Cifas and how Fraud is prevented as well as a broader knowledge of the fraud issues facing the UK

Deadline for applications: 1 July 2019

Start date: asap

Salary: in the region of £44,000 pa

To apply for this vacancy, you will need the following:
  • Your CV

Applications using this system require an eMail address. If you do not have one, please post the application to us.

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